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Axway AIS Business Track



  • Learn the concepts of financial interpreter, Accounting Integrator
  • Know and learn to leverage its architecture
  • Know functions
  • Know its main objects
  • Know to define and put into production an Accounting Integrator transformation setup with Composer


  • Handle setting on Accounting Integrator
  • Ensuring the migration from a previous version to Accounting Integrator or wishing to upgrade their knowledge


  • Have a good general knowledge into information and network systems
  • Have a Windows user knowledge

Programme de la formation

Axway Accounting Integrator Financial Solutions

  • General concepts
  • AIS concepts and business approach
  • AIS dictionary Objects
  • Treatments (Rules)
  • Lining Expressions
  • Additional Options
  • Objects from AIS Architecture interface
  • Navigation
  • Technical architecture

Presentation of the practical case study

  • Description of the functional cases
  • Method and procedure to follow to achieve

Completion of setting

The Best Practices

The field imports

Formats: CRE - ME

The business approach

  • Financial Procedure
  • Financial Market

The interface

  • The Translation fields
  • The Issuers
  • The recipients


  • Functions
  • Custom Functions
  • The CRE Types
  • The ME Types
  • Translation Rules
  • The Change Rules
  • The Aggregation Rules
  • The Balance Rules
  • Audit Rules
  • Tables
  • Variables

The reversal

Batch Management




Intermediate business certification

Le passage de la certification s'effectue en ligne, à distance, le lundi suivant la formation (durée : 0.5 jour).