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HPE OneView for ProLiant DL/ML Servers


HPE OneView is an integrated converged management platform that automates tasks and streamlines processes delivering the entire lifecycle management for HPE Composable Infrastructure. HPE OneView provides the software-defined intelligence across the entire HPE family of infrastructure solutions, from providing embedded management in HPE Synergy to delivering attributes of composability in HPE BladeSystem, HPE ProLiant DL/ML, HPE 3PAR StoreServ and StoreVirtual VSA, HPE Virtual Connect, HPE Apollo, and HPE Converged System.


  • Manage and maintain firmware
  • Implement server profile configurations
  • Monitor the data center
  • Respond to issues


  • System administrators, network administrators, storage administrators, consultants who manage and monitor an HPE environment, and system architects anticipating the implementation of HPE OneView.


  • H8PE2AAE: HPE Server Solutions Overview and HE643S: Introduction to HPE ProLiantcommand line
  • Monitor, manage and search log files
  • Install, configure and query standard software components and services
  • Access online documentation with man and info file viewers
  • Edit text with the vi editor

Programme de la formation

  • Section 1: HPE OneView for ProLiant DL/ML Servers
  • Section 2: HPE OneView Feature Overview
  • Section 3: HPE OneView Profiles
  • Section 4: HPE OneView and DL/ML Storage
  • Section 5: HPE OneView Firmware and Driver Updates
  • Section 6: Driver and Firmware Updates using SUM and SUT
  • Section 7: Updating the OneView Appliance
  • Section 8: HPE OneView Security and Environmental Monitoring
  • Section 9: HPE OneView Authentication
  • Section 10: Monitoring HPE ProLiant Systems
  • Section 11: HPE OneView Global Dashboard
  • Section 12: HPE OneView Documentation
  • Section 13: HPE Services


  • Lab 0: Access the HPE VL
  • Lab 1: Initial OneView Setup Tasks
  • Lab 2: HPE OneView Profile Management
  • Lab 3: Users and Scopes
  • Lab 4: HPE OneView Maintenance
  • Lab 5: Exploring the OneView Global Dashboard